ACT on Campus thrilled to enter election year with new leadership

ACT on Campus president Taylor Warwood today welcomed news of ACT's new leadership.

"With three very capable candidates seeking the Epsom and leadership positions, the last few weeks have been an exciting time for all of us," said Warwood.

"There has been a general feeling of reinvigoration within both ACT and ACT on Campus, a feeling which has peaked today with the announcement of Jamie Whyte as leader and David Seymour as Epsom candidate.

"Jamie Whyte is an incredibly intelligent man with a great understanding of ACT's liberal principles.

ACT on Campus thanks John Banks, looks to future

ACT on Campus President Taylor Warwood today thanked John Banks for his contribution to ACT in the past two years.

"John Banks has worked tirelessly in and out of parliament to achieve valuable goals. He has successfully overseen the introduction of Partnership Schools legislation, and has a voting record we in ACT on Campus can be proud of," said Mr Warwood.

"In particular, we thank him for his support of marriage equality, keeping the drinking age 18, and opposing the testing of party pills on animals.

Saying No to the GCSB and TICS

ACT on Campus Vice President Guy McCallum has today voiced concerns over the controversial spying legislation in an article written for Otago University's magazine, Critic.

“As a member of ACT, which has supported a government wishing to expand the surveillance powers of intelligence agencies, I'm often asked the question: do I support the GCSB or TICS bills?

"No, I don’t.

CTU Misleads On Youth Rates

NZ Council of Trade Union’s Same Work Same Pay spokesman James Sleep is deliberately misleading young people with his claim that they face a massive pay cut tomorrow with the re-introduction of youth rates, ACT on Campus President Taylor Warwood said today.

“Despite James’ claims, young people who are already in employment will be paid the same wage tomorrow, next week and next month as they were paid today,” Mr Warwood said.

Easter Trading Laws Unfair and Unnecessary

This weekend thousands of businesses will be forced to close, the sale of liquor will be prohibited, and countless Kiwis will be denied the right to work.

ACT on Campus Policy Co-ordinator, Louis Houlbrooke, says it is time for Parliament to re-consider Easter trading laws.